I had a chance to go to TOKYO last week.

With this trip, I was so determined to go visit Nippori Fabric St. to look for good deal and to find different design fabric.

When I visited the place was on Sunday and thought all the BIG stores there must be open….

I was wrong!! Most of the BIG stores opens Mon-Sat and many small stores were as same.

Fortunate enough some small stores were open and could find some cute design fabrics in good deal.

After visit Nippori, we walk toward the YANAKA which is opossite side of Nippori.

In YANAKA there’s the famous street called “YUYAKE-DANDAN” (=Sunset bumps).

The street with long slope has one big stoned staires and from there you can see the most beautiful sunset.

First thing you must do is buy a glass of BEER, then buy & eat all kind of nick-nacks while you walk along the street.

On the way back to hotel, I decided to come back Nippori and next time, I must schedule for working day and must stay few days to look around all the stores both Nippori and Yanaka 🙂

PS. I carried all goodies both my hands so have no pics for Nic-Nacs… Sorry 😛